Another site that makes you laugh, how great. The acting isn’t too good, but who doesn’t laugh when these guys throw their obviously fake money at these seemingly dumb bitches. Let me back up. They drive around in a “rented” limo and offer “fake” money to girls to try to get them to fuck on film. Of course it always works, and the slut fest proceeds. At the end they let the girls know, “sorry, you aren’t actually getting paid… oh well!” Because of how blatently stupid and funny this is, I choose to ignore how fake the situation is.

The girls are all cute, especially Autumn. Unfortunately though, they have this girl Katrina who annoys the fuck out of me. I hate these fucking girls that think they know what they are doing, acting like how they think pornstars do, and then just ruin my jerk off session. Seriously, the bitch is obnoxious, and I would be much more likely to jiz to the sight of someone slapping her in the face, than listening to her try to remember her lines. She’s also wearing the dumbest fucking hat too… haha. Anywho, I like this site, and hopefully it likes me too.