I love reality porn, there is just something about girls that have no idea of what is coming or that they just don’t moan and screem on command. I love the site.

Reality Porn Lover
Archangel, Tennessee

Dear Blumking,
Your grandfather had three qualities that defined him 1) he loved to eat 2) He loved to laugh and 3) he loved porn. Which just goes to show that the Blumking didn’t fall far from the throne.

The Blumking’s Dad
Wash, DC

This site rocks. Some have dead ends but hell the rest of them are good enough to make up for them


Thanks to The BlumKing I no longer have to deal with stupid popups to other sites from the galleries..I just search for what I want and I get it! WHOA!

ErikLas Cruces, NM

It’s like, “done with harvard.edu, time for epornreview!”

Tom, Cambridge, MA

I just want to say how much I love your site. It’s so organized and functional. It’s really cool! I came (figuratively first then literally later on!) across your site purely by accident, when I was looking up Backroom Facials on Yahoo and your review site showed up. I checked it out, and a few weeks later I felt I should leave some comments. Well I’m gonna go check out your site now. Keep up the great work!

Lar, Sacramento, CA

Dude, your site is totaly radical, lol, but I’m serious yur site is fucking awesome.

Ian, Gaithersburg, MD

I’ve jacked off so much in the last 3 days my once straight dick now looks like an L. And I couldn’t of done it without your site! Thanks ePornReview!!!!!!!

Scooter, Poolesville, MD

The BlumKing has changed my life forever. Instead of wasting all my time trying to find the right porn, now I can spend my valuable time spanking it and splooging in hamburgers at the local McDonald’s.

Doug, Greensboro, NC

Everyone in here has decided that this is hilarious, and that your name, The BlumKing, is sweet

Sam, College Park, MD

WTF? Where are the men?

Jered, Cambridge, MA


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