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ePornReview Mission Statement

This site is the byproduct of too much free time, a cable modem, and plenty of blood to fill many boners. I created ePornReview specifically to share my love of porn. I want everyone to be able to find EXACTLY what they like, with the ease of picking it from a list. You will no longer have to guess and check, looking for the perfect girl to your liking—now you can search for what you want and find ALL the girls that fit your description.

All these bitches are mainly from “Reality Porn” websites. My favorite type of porn, it always has videos that try to follow some sort of realistic plot line. The girls from most of these sites actually HAVE a personality, and so you don’t just spooge to their faces, but also to who they are. Reality porn adds depth to the way you stroke by allowing you to fantasize not just about some super-hot chick, but some super-hot chick whose personality you like. If you like dumb bitches, you can find them. If you like playful girls, you can find them.

We offer free galleries, free trailers, and reviews of individual girls in our database. You can also add your own ratings and comments. So grab a box of tissues and enjoy.

The BlumKing