College Town Cuties

I really warmed up to College Town Cuties after I read the message on their home page: “Have you ever seen a teen in the mall or movies that you just wanted to fuck?? Maybe you got up the courage to talk to her, maybe not Whatever the case, she made you real horny It’s amazing how young they develop and they’re so cute in their lil halter tops and tight fitting jeans enough to make you j/o all over them.” I thought to myself, “this is true, I just want to jerk off all over girls in the movie theater.” Damn. Anyways, check out the girls; each and every one is a cutie. They are all specifically dressed to look young, and it works.

After looking through some of the galleries, I decided that the best word to describe these girls is fresh. You know how when you look at a nice juicy apple, it looks so sweet and fresh, and you just want to bite into it. Well that’s how these girls are, you just want to bite into them. Just kidding… maybe. You just want to eat their juicy outsides until you get to the core, and then you just throw that part out the window. Unfortunately they don’t seem to update much, but maybe in the future they will start to.