Chick Trick

Ah, Chick Trick. They get points for effort, but the plots are just fucking horrible. It’s actually worse to watch one of these videos than to watch a video with no plot at all. I mean, I’m sitting here trying to work my man, and there are just giant logic holes in the plots. I can handle a few screw ups, but these kind of things just stick in the back of my mind, and every time I’m close to spooging, I think, “Wait, why the fuck would anyone deliberately try to get their girlfriend to have sex with someone JUST to catch her…” and then all is lost.

If you like hot Californian girls though, then this is the site for you. Most of them are heets, they need to shut their mouths more, but are pleasurable to look at. I also had some fun watching the videos and just picking out everything that was logically wrong with them. It’s almost like like arguing with a friend, only there’s no friend, and you aren’t really arguing. I would like to see some more videos from these guys in the future though, I like the idea, but the execution is horrible.