Wives In Pantyhose

Girls getting fucked through holes in their pantyhose is seriously hot as shit. The plot to most of these videos is just a girl who starts out in a new pair of pantyhose and ends up with a pile of mesh hanging off her legs by the end. I think it’s important to imagine you are actually fucking a girl through her pantyhose while watching this videos, and I know you all will have a great time jerking to it.

On the down side, the videos aren’t that funny, and they are more like an interview than they are a porn with some sort of premise. The girls don’t seem to have much to say, and I don’t know about everyone else, but listening to the girls talk is all part of the fun. Luckily with the membership you get a ton of other content to keep you busy just in case you get tired of these girls tearing holes in their crotches.