Whitney Stevens

Whitney Stevens what a new favorite of mine. I mean, just look at the girl, so round and plump, awesome huge floppy boobs, cute smile, she rocks me. She’s wearing glasses, she’s got awesome cleavage, and she sorta slurs when she says the word cock. Seriously though, her boobs are humangous and not too droopy. They jut out, pretty firm for as big as they are, and you got to just see how nice her body is. Just such awesome waist, oh man.

Ok, I love the girl, but I have a few gripes with her technique. First of all she doesn’t know how to swish wenis all too well. She has trouble fitting much of it in her mouth, and she looks like she might have a bit of a teeth in the way problem. Not much speed, and needs direction. It’s ok though, I’m still just enamored by the amazingly plump body. Another thing I don’t really like is that she gets kinda repetitive while she’s trying to make noise. You can tell she doesn’t love being fucked, and I don’t even like noises anyways, and so it’s all sorta ruined for me. So whatever, the girl’s not a great actress, but she can improve; all that matters is how fucking heet she looks all sprawled out and chubby. Ugh, if you have any trust in my taste for a voluptuous girl though, then you got to see her. At least look at her pictures, you won’t have to hear her fake noises that way.