Swing For Dollars

Swing for Dollars has an awesome plot. A little bit like, “Indecent Proposal,” they go around and try to convince guys to watch their girlfriends get fucked. They do most of their convincing with money however, and that’s why the whole plot works. They have a great sense of humor though, and this quote just goes to prove it: “Ramona is pretty goddamned hot, so Dominic, her boyfriend, must’ve really needed the cash since he looks like a reject roadie from the Brian Setzer Orchestra.” I don’t even know what the fuck this means, but it still makes me laugh.

This site is growing fast, and so soon there will probably be a lot more content from them. They seem to be making an effort to find girls that are a little more attractive than their first batch, and so it can only get better from here. Pay attention to the personalities of the girls too, they do a pretty good job of being unique. Some of them are annoying as shit though, and so you have to turn up your music to keep your sanity.