Sweet Locals

These girls are nice and ripe. They have a humongous selection, and can probably fulfill anybodys preference in type of girl. They update very frequently, and their amount of content is increasing every day. I think the best thing about these girls is how they are all amateurs. We all love amateurs, hopefully, and each girl has her own unique look. None of them have that fake blonde pornstar with tons of makeup look, and that’s a blessing.

All of the models are the “girl next door” type, and that my friends is what you call, “sexy as fuck.” Especially the girls with glasses and pigtails, I think that 95% of these girls are great to jerk off to. Another exciting part to this site is that they list where the girls are from. I have said this before and I will say it again; the idea of possibly knowing one of the girls from a porn site is infinitely hot. Makes me melt. I wish I could choose a favorite, but there are just too many good ones, you’ll have to check them out yourself and vote for them.