Sweet Loads

Sweet Loads is probably most famous for their video of Karen. All I know is that her video somehow managed to end up on everyones computer in the US. I can see why though, with her broken english and excellent breasts, our nation couldn’t help but take kindly to this French babe. All of the videos have the same plot; some girl comes into this guys office, he tells them they are going to make a porno, and then he treats them like sex objects. Sometimes getting creative and using such kitchenware as spoons and what not, and sometimes he just drops his goo on them and the video is over.

They have a good amount of girls on their site, and the majority of them are attractive. Watch out for the beasts though, because they are intermixed with all the rest. I like how the camerman has such an insecure sounding voice, it makes you think that you could have the same chance to be in that kind of situation. It makes you feel big and tough, and makes you feel like you could kick his ass. This testosteroni-like response is great while jerking off, because it only heightens the sensation as you think of both jamming these girls with your super-semen and beating the shit out of some belligerent bastard. I guess I shouldn’t try to use words with more than seven letters in them, but oh well. Check out the girls, they just may rock your world.