Socal Coeds

Socal Coeds has some heets, all young, and just an average plot. They all are just some guy interviewing a girl before he stabs her with his dick and paints her face white. The best thing about this site is probably how young the girls look though, as I know that many people out there go for that. Even though the site looks like maybe it’s lacking a little bit, each girl has a hefty sum of pictures and plenty of movies to keep you occupied.

They don’t have a plot, but I like the honesty in which they just say, “these are random girls, and now we are going to have sex with them.” There’s something to that, that you just dont get from megasites that feature teans. I also like how on their signup page they clearly state, “What we pay to expose our girls; $450 – Fucking, Masturbating & Interview (Video & Pictures), $350 – BlowJob, Masturbating & Interview (Video & Pictures), $250 – Interview (Video & Pictures).” This gets me hot, just thinking that maybe someone that I know will be in one of these videos. Maybe it’s psychological, but that just seems thrilling.