Sluts For Cash

I wish someone would pay me to be a teen, unfortunately I won’t be one for much longer. The girls from this site are heet double HEETS. They are all so young and supple looking, it just makes you want to drop a wad, and then another one 1 minute later. I actually have a bucket of jiz that I’ve been keeping for each site I jerk off to, and the bucket for Teens For Cash is at least 3 lbs. heavier than all the others. Just kidding, do you realize how fucking badly that would stink up my residence?

I like how they tell you how much the girls got paid for their shoots. It may be a lie, but it sure does help you enjoy the reality concept of these videos. You know which one is hot as fuck though? Melissa is. But really, all the girls are hot, so it doesn’t matter right? A dime a dozen, or something like that. Maybe a dime a bakers dozen.