Public Invasion

These videos are filmed in the Czech Republic. When I first logged in, I was so blown away by how sexy, heet, and cute these girls were, that I actually visited Prague a few months later. I had high hopes to meet girls like I saw in the videos, but not much luck. I must say though, these are currently some of my favorite videos to watch. Nothing is more exciting than watching this guy fuck these girls soo raunchily just in the middle of public places. Seriously, some of these videos are sooooo out in the open I can’t believe they get away with it… and the girls are sooooooo cute what the helll… where do you find these girls!!!

The guy who films the videos is quite hilarious. He’s got a real way with words and women, always telling them, “come to suck my cock,” and, “maybe i play a little bit your poosay.” Every girl acts sooo shy and cute and I swear I usually jerk off two or three times as I’m looking through the site. There was one video where he’s just laying on a hill out by a lake and getting his wenis swished by this blonde heet. You can actually see people in the background, just looking over at him, and he just doesn’t do anything about it. It’s so great I love it, srsly.