Naughty Athletics

Finally someone out there devotes a site to the sweet scent of a sweaty hoe. If you’re a beefcake like me, I’m sure you understand what it’s like to fantasize about all the hotties at the gymnasium, taking off their clothes, dancing slowly, dancing sexy, mounting penis. Well, after watching a few episodes I must say I am a huge fan. Naughty America seems to be, what’s that word… awesome? They’ve got all the bases covered that’s for sure. The only thing they’re missing is a site devoted to chubsters, but give them time I bet they’ll figure it out.

So I watched a few episodes so far, and they’re hot. So hot, I swear guys, there’s this one where this guy bangs out this cutie named Harmony in a boxing ring. He bends her every which way all over the ropes and she takes it like a boxing champ. They’re doing a pretty sweet job of covering all the fantasies so far, one awesome one with a personal trainer, and a so hot scene with some tennis bitches. Well, I’m gonna get back to jerkin. Stay gold guys.