Naughty Office

Oh man. Oh man if you don’t dream about situations like these every day from 9 to 5, there is something wrong with you. I use to work in an office and let me tell you, in the brief period of my employment, I spent more time fantasizing about fucking the secrataries than I spent doing actual work. There was this one girl especially, she always smelled like candy apple and I’d have to quack off in the bathroom to keep myself from drooling every time I’d walk by her room. She was the one that got away.

Honestly though, they give these videos just enough roleplaying in the beginning to make it worth watching. About 5 minutes of office politics which usually ends up with a “can I swish your wenis now?” The plots add that special touch to these videos, and I totally look forward to them every Thursday. Also, I must mention how fucking sexy a hoe looks in a tight office outfit with glasses and pulled back hair. Watching them crawl up onto the desk and get battered with jism is what keeps my spirits high when I think about the shitty jobs lined up in my future. Goodnight.