Naughty Bookworms

I looooove it! Glasses are so fucking hot because you just imagine them falling off because you fuck the girl so hard. Plus, this site touches my heart a little bit because I go to a school FULL of nerds, and it’s nice to imagine that some of them could actually be this heet. Bookworm Bitches’ scenese are all set in a classroom setting, and the girls get grades based on how they perform.

Why can’t I just meet some of these girls… Geez, if only one of them, just one, would come to my room some night and let me spank her with a tuna steak, I would just melt. Sigh, I just love the girls with glasses so much I want to spray mace in hot girls eyes so that THEY have to wear glasses too. It definitely wouldn’t work, but the idea might make a good comic strip, motion picture, haiku?