My First Sex Teacher

Ah, don’t we all remember our first sex teachers? Mine was this busty broad who use to make me jerk off onto her… no joke. These women are a little different though, because they all look like old bitches. I’m not too into seeing their ripcages flow in the wind called fucking, but if you like their loose skin and fake tits then I guess go ahead and watch. I’m going to stay here where it is safe from dirty old hags that want you to plaster them over 7 ways from Sunday.

The plot however, is quite nice. I can think of at least 10 teachers I had in grade school that I never learned from because I was always dreaming about stuffing them like dirty rotten teddy bears. I’m a nerd, so I’m going to go back to preparing batch files and studying hard for my next midterm. If I had glasses, I would adjust them… now.