Mikes Apartment

Mike’s Apartment is a place for the whole family. A place where people can go, and leave their insecurities at the door. It’s kind of like Discovery ZoneTM. When people want to stay in Mike’s apartment, they have to pay the toll, and the toll is some sort of sexual recordation. Most of the girls are Hungarian I think, or at least non American, and Mike usually has to get a translator to tell them, “Can you get naked and let us film you fucking?” I like the premise, it’s great; if the situation were real, that would be even better. What if you could pay for everything just by letting people record you having sex… on one hand you may be embarrassed about being in front of the camera and looking awkward, but on the other hand you are still getting laid so who the fuck cares.

I think the most unique thing about this site is the selection of girls. They all have that Eastern European look, and it hurts when my dick presses against my zipper. They also don’t embellish much, which I like. The guys seem a little bit gross, especially this guy “Gabor” from Cindi’s video. Haha, this guy looks like such a douche bag. The videos aren’t that funny, but they are definitely fun to watch and they are updated frequently. Maybe Mike will inspire some of you people out there to start doing the same thing, and it will start a new world of sexual currency.