Midnight Prowl

These guys pay sluts to fuck strangers. The guys they pick up are all gross, but we can counteract that with hot models. The first video I saw from Midnight Prowl, they definitely peed in this girls mouth and face, and I definitely laughed so hard I think I left a shitsmear on my chair (oh yes, I’m naked). The girls get treated pretty poorly, but I think a lot of you dirty assholes out there like that, so have fun.

The videos are all really long. Not your typical 20 minute fuck and suck film, these guys spend time letting you know that they put in the effort. The girls are all cute, and I would totally bag Tina first because of her cuuuuute as fucking smile (that is the girl who gets pissed on like a hydrant). Not the best in price, but they have a lot of content, and so your money will not be wasted. If you want my opinion, I say check it out, there’s nothing like dirty sluts being treated like pieces of meat.