Jake Busts Nuts

Ok, not much of a plot here, but I still respect the amateurs. They don’t update their site much either, which will cost them some stars. For each video, there is some sort of half-assed plot that goes along with it. We don’t take kindly to half-assers around here though, and after watching a bunch of funny videos it’s a little disappointing to see one from Jake Bust’s Nuts.

I swear I saw this guy Jake in one of the videos from Bang Bus. Maybe he was in one of theirs, saw how good of an idea it was, and then decided to make a site that was less structured and wasn’t as good. Well, I guess he gets points for trying, but if he tried just a little bit harder I’m sure the videos could be a lot better. The girls are cuties though, and so you can still bust a nut to Jake busting his nut.