Hypno Trick

Respect Hypno Trick for what they are doing, because it is fucking great. I have the worst allergies right now, got snot pouring out my face and my eyes burn like fuck, and the only thing that can make me happy again is watching one of these videos. Oooobviously the girls aren’t actually hypnotised, but who fucking cares because all these videos need just a hint of imagination to make them fun.

Most of the girls are pretty heet, and they all have great attitudes. Not like, “ok, I’m ready to get fucked now, where’s the camera,” but more like, “I don’t want to be here, where’s my money, I’m a bitch who has no job, oh man there’s a dick in my ass.” If that makes sense, it should help convey the fact that I like to shoot sperm to these bitches, and you couldn’t stop me even with a gun to my head. Oh shit I’m drooling… I gotto go.