Girls Filmed

Unfortunately watching girls masterbate isn’t my thing, but I know for sure that it turns on many of you old dirty men out there. The problem I found with this site though was that while the girls are all pretty cute, they aren’t much when compared to the cameragirl. The cameragirls name is Julie, and let me tell you, she is sooooo fucking heet… my type of girl too, she seems to love porn. I was really disappointed not to see any video featuring just her.

They have about 17 videos to date, and seem to update with about 1 full video a week. I’d have to say that my favorite girl from this site is Sofia. She is nice and chubby, and cute as hell. If some time in the future, Julie does a video of just herself, I’m throwing a party and everyone is invited. We’ll have a pi�ata, a clown on stilts, some hebrew rap, dancing seals, and all kinds of whacky shit. Party of the century… BE THERE!