Fully Clothed Sex

Let me start out by saying that this site is fucking awesome. Personally, I love porn videos where the girls get fucked with all their clothes on, and that’s all they have here. It’s sosogood, seriously, they just tear open pants and pantyhose, pull down pants, push things aside, but always remain in their outfits. I can’t believe no one has thought of this before at least if they did I haven’t seen it. Another great thing is that since these sites are so foreign, they have a whole slew of pornstars that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Like one girls name is actually Sharka Blue, wtf? The girls are all verrry European looking though, it’s so good, and they’re all reallly fucking heet. Seriously, this group of sites has some incredible shit on it, stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else pretty much.

If you take a look though, you’ll see that their outfits are a bit weird… I’m not really sure how to categorize them, but there’s definitely a lot of silk blouses. My best guess would be that they have a time machine and they get their clothes from a 1970’s Czech debutante ball. Who cares though, they fuck hard and get all cummy. Haha, I got that word from their sites, but how good is it? Ooooh yeah, getting ‘dem girls all cummy. They also have a fully clothed pissing site as well, which is quite hilarious. Anyways, I highly recommend signing up for Orgy Max so that you can get access to this one and Party Hardcore, it’s sooooo fucking awesome.