Dirty Latina Maids

These bitches sure are dirty, but man would I love for them to clean out my pipes. The basic plot is that this guy hires maids to clean his house, and when they least expect it he offers money for them to get naked and screw. Being the sluts that they are, they always comply, but where the fuck can you find girls that fuck you and clean your house that you don’t have to marry them. Maybe these girls are angels… or maybe they aren’t actually maids, who knows!

Most of these girls are of the latin nature, and they all are of the fucking nature. How good is their logo too, haha, a lady with a vaccuum. I dunno… Susan is a mega fucking heet, and she sucks at acting. She has a cute ass though, and so do the rest of these sluts. Anyways, they are growing rather rapidly, and soon they should have a nice large selection of girls to choose from. I can’t wait to see more from Dirty Latina Maids, and neither can my penis.