8th Street Latinas

8th Stree Latinas is a site for those of you out there who like Latina Porn. They have a whole heap of womens to choose from, and all of them have that hispanic sassy personality that I’ve grown to love. The acting isn’t necessarily all that great, but the plot is still hot. Supposedly they go out on the street and find hot latin bitches and then convince them to get naked, suck penises, and then get rammed like the whores they are. It definitely is an idealized situation for the guys, and I’m sure the girls get a lot of ciznash.

Latinas aren’t necessarily my thing, but after watching Laritza’s video I think I might be changing my mind. The girl so obviously loves sex, it really makes me proud to be a porn fan. Makes me reflect on the types of porn out there, and think about the subtleties… the things about the underdog that the common person doesn’t know… the little things. I like to think about these things and cry; shed a tear for every dying child out there, and then when I return to reality I continue jerking off. Seriously though, when you watch megaporn videos, you never really get the sense that those girls are really enjoying themselves. They are just fake actresses, and if the rest of the girls from this site are just like Laritza, well then I am truly in awe. So yeah, I now am a bigger fan of the hispanic persuasion because I assume that all of them really do enjoy getting fucked rotten.