Deputy Dick

Deputy Dick cracks me up. He’s obviously not a real deputy, but the way he tries to act like one is just so funny. He always says, “mam,” and, “just doin’ my job.” Sigh… I really like the plots of these videos, even though they give no semblance of reality it’s still a cool thought. Imagine if you were in a position of power, like the deputy, and whenever there was a hot bitch you were like, “Uhh mam? Yeah, you’re going to have to suck my dick now… it’s the law.”

The girls are really amateur looking, and I love that. They also feature this one girl who I assume is a cock fiend because I’ve seen her on at least 4 porn sites. Her name is Skye; go check out how many videos she’s been in. Watch these videos just to laugh at this guy, hes so fucking funny, and if you don’t beleive me, go watch Crystal Rain’s trailer. This site seems to upate fairly often, and they look like they are heading in the right direction. I’m going to keep one eye on them, and one eye on my growing penis.