Climax Corner

Climax Corner is jaweseome. As much as it has nothing to do with reality porn, they definitely manage to make you happy. What they have to offer is about 100 DVD’s converted to .WMV, and their selection is rather nice. The site updates very often, and if you consider each DVD to be about 1 hour of footage, then this site has over 100 hours of porn to sacrifice for your penis (and all of it’s friends).

Looking at this site makes me want to listen to emo music… why? Because they have a bunch of videos of Claire, who I would totally marry if I had the chance to. This girl puts mind to shame, with her awesome tits and completely roast-beefless vagina. I like to watch her videos and practice taking my vows. Anyways, the site is also organized really well. If you don’t have much hard drive space, then you can just add your favorite videos to their “favorites” section and look through them every time you log in. Fact remains, the site has a lot of high quality videos that are easy to navigate, and even though they are all from DVD’s, I can still manage to get my penis shooting fireballs over it.