Captain Stabbin

Captain Stabbin’s Anal Adventures, where to start. I remember my initial excitement when I first saw this site, mainly because the girls seemed hot but also because I like the idea of sex on a boat. The plot is simple, Stabbin’ and the MILFHunter are on a boat, and they find girls and throw their dicks in them. The acting isn’t that great, but I am very satisfied with the models. On most of the adventures, they eventually give the girls a meat enema, and they scream in pain as the ocean dampens their cries.

My favorite girl from this site would have to be Austral. Girl sweats like crazy and glistens in the sun, and who doesn’t ooze over a stinky, warm, sweaty, slut. I wouldn’t advise watching all of the videos though, because some of the girls haven’t been told yet that fake noises are NOT cool. They update frequently, and the videos are entertaining to watch. I’d like to see if anyone else out there has the same preference for Austral.