Boy Girl Bang

I really respect the girl Phoebe who records the videos for this site. She tries hard to make totally realistic amateur pornos. After watching the first video, the one with the fat guy Bob, I was a little turned off. After watching the following videos though, my confidence in this site became strong, and now I truly support it and hope that it becomes just as big as all the others. All the videos begin with Phoebe and some guy questioning girls and trying to get them to fuck him. It goes on from there.

Ok, so Phoebe isnt that funny, but she does a good job keeping the conversation going. She also never misses a chance to make the scene awkward. For example, in Jennifer’s video, the girl quiefs really loudly and Phoebe just starts cracking up. It gives you a chance to take your hand off your dick and slap your knee as you chuckle. It’s a pretty good site, it could use a little more of an edge though in the future.