Another great site that idolizes those girls that always have nice personalities and are annoying as shit when they laugh… none other than FAT CHICKS! Yes, they have them in the millions, well more like in the 30’s, but they are constantly updating their content with more beautiful busty bitches. I’m also fond if this site because they host one of my favorite girls, Melanie. I lust over this girl at least once a week. It’s a great site, and even though they don’t have much of a plot, the girls have pretty good personalities.

Sites that are based on chubby girls make me generally complacent. It helps me rest knowing that somewhere out there other men are sharing my taste in chubby girls. I also like how natural most of the girls seem. They all have a really calm personality, that doesn’t give the impression that they know what to expect. It’s also obvious from the way they take cock that most of these girls do in fact love getting pummeled by the male sex organ. Watching the chubby girls suck cock is fun for the whole family, and I recommend it for everyone who hasn’t yet.