Big Naturals

Tell me, who doesn’t love a girl with meat on her bones. I may just have different taste than most people, but the girls from Big Naturals are such fucking babes. Most of them are chubby, which is fucking hot as hell. I can’t think of a cute face that doesn’t look a hell of a lot cuter with about five extra pounds on it. I wish this site could be bigger, so that all the dumb consumer-whore teenie-boppers would realize that not every guy wants a girl that looks like a skeleton with skin sewn on. At least we can rely on the fast food restaurants that are avidly trying to fatten up the general public. This site doesn’t have much of a plot to it, but who cares because they have hot busty amateurs.

I think the whole obsession with fat chicks stems from two things. First, if you take a girl out to dinner, and she eats a ton without worrying about looking fat, then you know she’s going to be a great fuck. Second, sloppy blow jobs kick ass, and you just imagine that a fat chick would eat your dick like it was food; engulfing the entire thing in her mouth as her thick fat-chick saliva lubes her esophagus. This is all speculation, but it helps me get to sleep at night and that’s all that matters.