Big Butt Brazil

Holy shite. I fucking love all these fat bottomed Brazilian broads that flood this site. Something about being foreign is SOOOO fucking hot I can’t even explain it. Fuck, where to begin. This site has a ton of content, and the price is lower than any other. If you like hispanic looking girls, then this site is a must.

Some of my favorite sluts from this site are Vanessa, Sueli, Sabrina, and Janaina. I wish I had enough sense to figure out why hispanic chicks are so hot, but I can’t so all I can do is run to the nearest window and scream HEET… because that is what I’m in when I see these girls. I want to be a dog and just hump their legs, or maybe a penis and just royally fuck them. Either way, these girls make a tent out of my pants and I pitch them a biiiiiggggg thumbs up.

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