Ass Then Mouth

Ass Then Mouth… just think about that. They put a big pennis in a girls tush, then they make the girl taste it. I’m not one for double dipping, and I certainly cannot imagine a girl wanting her fecal matter being put into her face. What kind of girl wants to taste her own ass, I mean, honestly.

This site has some heets, but mostly dirty whores; I mean hey, they’re tasting their own shit. I kinda like dirty whores, but I like the ones that wear sandles and listen to Phish, not the ones that taste their food twice. The MVP award goes to Allura for being a girl I would like to make penetration to. Her nose is pointy like a mouse, and I wouldn’t mind making her “chase the cheese” (bad/stupid joke). Luckily I get my porn with “smell-o-vision” and so I can smell the different girls asses. Let me tell you, Allura’s ass smells like dark chocolate with walnuts, and that’s hott.

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