Backroom Facials

Backroom Facials… the guy from this sight sounds like such an asshole. I can’t tell whether or not he is acting, but man do I feel bad for these girls. There’s actually two guys, but they both act the same. The one with a heavy accent is probably the biggest asshole. Actually, I doubt either of them actually are like that in real life, but they are great at acting! Anyways, my favorite part is how at the end the girls always look either pissed off or like they are about to cry. A great example is Ellie. Fuck man, who doesn’t JUST watch the ends of these videos to get off… some good acting if you ask me.

Let’s delve more deeply into the topic at hand. The thing that I find psychologically thrilling about these videos is that the girls give the appearance of not wanting to be there. Somehow in my sick and twisted mind, that converts into stimulation and the end result is a sock full of jism. Another hottie from this site is Brooke. Her reactions to the camerman’s requests are just too perfect, and her half-pissed attitude as she gets kicked out the door is excellent. I’ve watched most of these videos, and I find them quite entertaining, but I imagine some people are a tad turned off by how shittily the girls get treated. Just remember it’s probably fake, and happy jerking!