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Cum Faced Asians… that’s what I think of when I imagine my first trip to the great big country of Asia. Seriously, I would throw my spunk at any bitch with almond eyes. These girls are all pretty cute, and they get the job done. Unfortunately though, there are only 5 girls so far, and so we are going to have to wait for this site to blossom.

With names like Ryoko and Loni, how could anyone resist from wanting to watch these girls get painted white. This site just gave me a most amazing idea, and I really want some input on this: Ninja Porn. Imagine it, some ninja has to sneak up on a girl and have sex with her so well that the girl doesn’t even know. The art of the ninja is to be undetected, and they could fuck the girls and leave no trace. This could be the start of something new and amazing…

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