Best Young Babes 2.5/5 (2)

Ok, so Best Young Babes is nothing like most of the other sites, but I include them because I like the girls. Considering none of them have produced over 100 porn videos, they are obviously amateurs, but as far as I’m concerned they are also pretty fucking hot. I also have a feeling that this site will evolve into the type of sites that I like; the kind with a trailer for each girl showing some sort of nonchalant interaction between her and a cameraman. Maybe I’m wrong, but you can’t deny that these girls don’t make you cream your jeans.

Another plus about this site is the look the girls all have. They look young and fresh, and I know that is important to many of my fellow masturbaters. The site is pretty new though, and so I’d be interested to hear from some subscribers what they think about it. As they start to grow, I’ll add more to the review. ‘Till then…

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