Wife Switch

Wife Switch, despite it’s obvious lack of real world applications for 90% of the public, is still an extremely sexy site. Two couples get together and have a gangbang. The guys take turns demoralizing each other’s wife, and they pass them around like a joint at the Burning Person festival. They hand off wives like they do in ass-backwards middle eastern countries and arranged marriages? They treat themselves to a dirty helping of nose vagina and throat of another while deciding for their own which one is the winner.

No, I haven’t indexed any of the switched wives yet. I don’t have to, they’re all about the same level of maturity. They don’t act their ages, but they certainly do act their intelligence. Anyways, if you wanna see some guy on other guys girl action, this site’s for you. Plus they got all the other sites included, and I even got you guys some free video clips to check out. So check it out sucka.

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