18 Years Old

These guys really stick to the idea of showing how young their stars are. I mean, they go all out. Just check out some of the free galleries they make the girls make funny faces, jump up and down, play with toys, eat candy, dress up in sexy clothing, and even more. They really push the idea that these girls are playful, not that you haven’t seen most of them on other sites, but goddamn they’ve got a pretty good selection. The members section has about 60 girls so far and they seem to add a new girl every week. The videos are dece quality, but you can’t download the videos all as one file, that kinda pisses me off. If you use Firefox however, you can get the extension DownThemAll to easily get all the files at once. Their pics sections are awesome though. I’m usually not into looking at the pics, but they do a pretty good jerb with theirs. High quality, plenty of funny and sexy pics. Actually, I’d say most of the pictures are more amusing than they are sexy, I guess it depends what mood you’re in. I just jerked off so I’m not in the mood I guess… at least not for another 10 minutes. Anyways, the membership to this site doesn’t include thattt many other sites, but if you like young porn stars, this place definitely gets my seal of approval. It’s like you sign onto the site and then CRAWWWWWW!!! SPPLOOOOSHHHH!!! BBBWWAMMMMMM!!! PSSSHHHAAAAAHHHH!!!! and then you’re jerkin off all ova the place. Damnnnnnn.